Your Local Community Group Allowing You To Be Nice For nO Reason

About Us


We work for community cohesion and well being. We are an Indian group and passionate to engage the locals of all communities, keep them active and connected. With help of local talents in Barking & Dagenham borough we started in 2012 conducting Art & Culture workshops and celebrating annual Indian festivals. With more than 140plus events and 90plus workshops involving 200plus families, we continue to work on the vision to build a society in which every person will be honored, helped to flourish and realize the full potential of human existence.

We partner with other organizations to deliver better community activities like Creative Barking & Dagenham, Barking Library, B&D Council’s Summer of Festivals, Studio 3Arts, Telangana Development Forum, Eden Project’s Big Lunch to name a few.

Our initiatives and programs are beyond just community events/festivals, because we inspire to create holistic ambience for art, culture, hobbies, talents for a COLLECTIVE SOCIETY with trust, openness, encouragement, kindness and love as our driving force.


1. Dance workshops followed by performances at local community events organized by our own group or popular groups in the community.

2. Annual Events/Festivals involving 200+ residents:

  • BIG LUNCH : Its a Eden Project initiative for communities coming together over lunch in the first week of June. We added an Indian twist to it and include FAMILY CRICKET along with the free lunch served. The lunch is a kind sponsor by local restaurants.
  • GANESH UTSAV : The elephant headed Indian God ‘Ganesha’ is celebrated for his wisdom at this festival for 3days. We yet again include the motto of community cohesion by having various cultural programs by residents at the Barking Town Square and Barking Library.
  • NAVRATRI DHAMAL : An Indian Traditional Dance DJ, loved by many, its a popular event we organize at various popular venues in Barking. An evening filled with music, dance, Live DJ and food

3. RYZE (Community Skills Share events) Share fairs was conducted in Barking Broadway with CBD(Creative Barking & Dagenham) and was very well received by borough residents in 2019.

What we do at Ryze? Life halts after a certain point in life where only routine takes over as a blanket on your innate talents. We encourage you (the GROWNUPS), to offer services to community that bring you joy. RYZE TEAM is a team of dynamic creative brains from local community, working on a common objective of making you do what you love doing!

We conduct Ryze Share Fairs where resident brings ONE item (Food/Craft) in 8 quantity and takes home 8 different items! This has been a great way to appreciate and connect with people!

  • Welcome gift, for FREE TICKETS click on the link and tickets will be credited to your Ryze account, Welcome Bonus Tickets

4. Realise Your Full Potential: It’s our WhatsApp group in which we share common interest on Indian Spirituality inspired by Holy book Bhagwad Gita and Vedas UPANISHADS. It also has very self knowledge  quotes/posts under program called ‘Jar of Light’

5. BALLYHOO : It’s our fund raising program. While we celebrate festivals with families here in Barking, London, we wish to help underprivileged families back home in India too. So we occasionally conduct fund raising and help a specific good cause. Ballyhoo means ‘sensational promotion’ here we are promoting a good cause.

6. Gyan Guru: As a cultural group, we grab the opportunity to educate the Kids and Grownups about the festivals by our drama at events, or online posts related to the mythological stories behind the  festivals (this includes Indian and Global festivals)

7. Products recommendations : We share useful product information which is available in the market that can ease the routine like household items, career & skills upgrade websites etc.

8.  Whatsapp and Facebook groups for Community Concord are a hub for residents to exchange Inspiring Quotes, Useful Forwards/Posts, Local Borough Activities, Our own event publishing, local communal issues etc. A great helpful community cohesion platform.

9. Community Angels:  Do you have an idea to do good for Community? We have worked closely with community residents to implement their idea into reality. Residents can approach us with an community engaging idea, then our team will evaluate basic objectives and help with venue, paper work, creative promotions online until its all well implemented with your hard work. You shall remain the STAR of the initiative and we remain as your community angels.

10. During Pandemic lockdown we initiated ‘Get Talking‘ group to inspire to communicate and talk to each other and stay connected. This is a Whatsapp group and is very active chat group to communicate a general talk, share cooking ideas, creative works they have done or just a friendly hello. Its active 24/7 to support anyone feeling low and needs someone to talk to for their mental health.

When the lockdown was lifted, we started a ‘Fitness Challenge‘ group to get back fitness into life. Every week 5 challenges are taken up by the members and daily updates are shared in this group.

Whenever there is a need to come together and support the community we care to take action to keep the balance & well being!

By reading about us, you might have loved our spirit of the selfless acts we do as one BIG LOCAL GROUP (yes, we are truly local).

You can be generous to sponsor us or volunteer for us as we all grow as much as we nurture this wonderful playground of art & culture platform called ‘COMMUNITY CONCORD’