Very very very beautiful performances friends!!!!
All your efforts and dedication was shown during the performance! Cheers to all participants of Folk Festival.
Special thanks to Council for thinking of us and getting us involved in our boroughs celebrations! Thanks to library staff and studio3art for their support. Thanks to YOU the audience for cheering us.
Big Thankyou to Teachers. Great act of kindness to share their talent by the Teachers:
Mayuri (Assami, Rajasthani)
Sheela (Punjabi, Telugu, Laavni)
Swapna & Meenakshi
( Onam by Kids)
Harika (Gujarati)
Vasanth ( Tamil)
Few talented individuals like Sankha for photography skills share n help us capture great moments and also many thanks to parents for being so so supportive.
Thank you everyone for believing in Community Concord n coming forward to be part of the art n culture programs.
Warm Regards 
Deepa , Aruna, Meenakshi, Harika, Kalyani, Kinnera

Workshops :

Clutch Purse Making


Beautiful Terracota Jewelry Making
Terracotta jewellery which was sought to be one of the Ancient art has now turned out to be the
modern Trend. An appropriate refined clay is shaped to make eco friendly jewellery that makes 
exotic dressing style and it can be worn both traditional or trendy.
– Learn about Clay preparation
– Designing impressions on clay for fine finishing
– Easy Clay baking methodology
– Applying appropriate colours on baked clay
-Learn basic jewellery making techniques

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