Cook for a Friend

Hii Friends, GANESH UTSAV 2016 is coming soon and here are some creative activities for you to get involved 🙌

‘Cook for Friend’ makes it possible to share your cooking with people in your neighborhood. Whether you create culinary delights, or mac and cheese … here you can share your meal with your neighbors. Don’t feel like cooking? Find out what meals your neighbors are sharing, enjoy the meal and appreciate their skills!
Share and enjoy your meals!
Community members would be getting on well together in years but by sharing meal in this way you can experience    the tiny bit of inner fun & happiness you receive to cook & serve to someone who is hungry 🍲 You would surely not be in it for the money, but just to feel good 🍀🍀🍀

Portion size- sufficient for 2

Register here by 4th August if you think you might want to cook for others in next one month and we will call you back to guide you. No commission or fee is charged to you so feel free to participate and enjoy the fun in Cook
For Friend!

Register :

You can register for other upcoming activities and if you see any charges fee then it is because that in that activity you will be given material and you can make & take stuff home OR there might be teachers involved which would be the volunteer expenses.

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