Holi @ Barking 2016

Dear Friends you were amazing today! Wishing you and your families more happiness every day! Happy Holi!!!!
Holi Party was so colorful and fun filled, it was all possible because of everyone who attended the event today and special special who contributed their bit to make this event as we planned and a great success:
Cheers to the Leader of council, Darren Rodwell who is a true cultural diversity champion and his events team Julia Pearson , Sarah and team who made sure they support us, guide us to give permission and all information needed, as we were doing Holi for first time in Barking, an outdoor event in the park!

Many thanks to our sponsor Visa and Migration’ ,http://www.visaandmigration.com/ who genuinely wanted to support our community event! It’s a very kind act and we will be always thankful for their readiness to support us. So make sure you all use their quality service when needed
Thanks Pooja Nikhil Patel from Events2Empower for arranging the stalls to empower people and also generated fund for the event! You are a star
Thanks Narinder SinghNagaprashati Tadikonda (Gully restaurant) , Nidhi for your great stalls of Food , drinks and Clothing. More details will be posted about them soon for everyone’s reference!
Telangana Development Forum has always been helpful and supportive to all our events and activities. Thanks Sravan Kumar Goud Bairu for arranging the Marquee inspire of your busy schedule recently and Jaya Sheela Nama for quickly suggesting to help us . It was our pleasure to have most of your team at the event today
Super thanks Dinesh and Yogesh for helping us with setting up the Marquee and the colors. You have given away your fun time to help us manage things
Thanks Kalyani ParimalaKarunasri Kothwal , Venkat Naresh Rachakonda,Raghu Jakkula, Dennis for offering yourself to help  things happened because you said you are there to support. Thankyou!
Cheers Atchuta and Divya Tadikonda for volunteering when we were in real need of a helping hand!!!
Sankha Biswas your photography magic will make this event be remembered forever… Thanks for being always ready to click these moments for the community!
Cheers Srinath for coordinating the DJ, the marquee and filling lots of gaps which I or the team miss to see in enthusiasm of making things happen, you finish it with your intelligence 
Community Concord is very proud to have such good souls to make a difference! All your positive thoughts are infectious and makes all our events such a great success! Cheers and Thankyou 

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