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Minimalistic Beautiful Homes


Provider Name: Deepa

Contact: 07868424183

Service Name: Minimalistic Beautiful Homes (Report Pack with Methods, Techniques and Very useful suggestions)

Description: I will visit your home and with the only objective to give you fresh minimalist view of your homes, I will create Report Pack personalized for your homes with Methods, Techniques and Very useful suggestions. Minimalistic Beautiful Homes are in trend now as less things at home means less things in Mind!

What is included: How to de-clutter, What kind of mindset is needed to maintain it, suggestions for new purchases, finally leaving you with a feel to create a relaxing Holiday Home or hotel kind of experience with your given homes.

Notice: 1 day

Minimum order by community: 1 order


Ryze Cancellation policy: You can cancel within 24hours of booking else you need to transfer the Ryze Ticket and pay money if any cost is mentioned in the fee. If for some reason you could not cancel after 24hours then you should pay tickets & cost if any but good news is if you have not used any part of the service & your item is not perishable then you can rebook for free the next time. Being community project, you take the ownership of valuing the talents of your neighbors so that more responsible bookings are made and cancellations are less.


My Services Outside RYZE: Mocktails tools & tips, Polymer clay modeling tips.

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