Musical Fashion Show 2015

Thank you girls for making this thought of ‘Musical Fashion Show at Folk Festival’ come true!
You have done wonderfully well by crossing obstacles which you did not even realise had existed ( but we CC team knew hehe )
1. You guys making a beautiful jewellery out of CLAY which you might have never touched before!! 
2. based on online instructions with just Text messages as way of communication
3. Coming forward to do fashion show ( Lol I never expected at least one will be ready for it but seeing your confidence gave us confidence that we can do it!)
Thanks to our teachers:
Harika Mogudampally (Terracotta Jewellery)
Kinnera Srinivas (Clutch Making)
Cheers to volunteers who come forward to do modelling (this was another challenge we were struggling but yet again we had happy supporting friends who made it a great show!)
The level of confidence and attitude shown on the ramp was no less than a professional models
Hey Women – You all are amazing!
‘Community Concord’ aims to bring art n culture closer to where you live so that You Do what you love doing and the happiness inside you will give you strength to deal with general routines easily! 
Cheers ,
Community Concord Team

Deepa, Aruna, Meenakshi, Harika, Kalyani, Kinnera

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