Navaratri Dhamaal- 2017


‘Bathukamma’ is the floral festival celebrated in Telangana, India and falls during Navratri. It’s celebration of life which is colourful and vivacious as the beautiful flowers 💐

Happy Festive Days!

Community Concord’s Navratri Dhamal 2017 started with Devi Ma ke Aarti & the floral Bathukama was an auspicious beginning 🙏😇
Indian culture of dancing the traditional Garba dance with community lighten up the Barking Town square for long time to mark the occasion of Navratri 🌻🌷
Being so fond of Bollywood and Disco Dandiya, we then moved onto the dance moves which only they can understand as everyone were in their own lovely world 🌎 and dancing like no one is watching! 😁

In-between all this dance masti was an excitement of getting lucky and winning the Raffle! It was supposed to be fundraiser Raffle 😂🤦‍♀️but turned out to be ‘Navratri in Vegas (casinos)’ where kids and grownups alike awaiting for the next number to be announced 🤓

All this transitions of timings was smooth because of our cool & rocking DJ Ricky 👍🌟 else we all know what a headache it can be with bad music 🎶

Thanks to council and Barking learning centre for their support. Thanks Cameron Geddes for your support always!

And by God’s grace the weather was so good and we happen to be the first time ever Open Air Bollywood DJ in east London 🌞🌥🌟

Special thanks to ‘Babai foods’ Suresh Pavani & his team for making us close the kitchens full day and serving some of the delicious Indian food on the square 😋😋
The color to the square was added by our festive Bazaar selling just what’s needed for you to enjoy, thanks to Events2Empower Pooja Nikhil Patel to encourage the community and make them setup the stalls, all friends in stalls were very dedicated & glad to work with! 🙌🙌
Thanks to ‘Golden Rain Photography’ Sweta for photoshoot sessions , more details I’ll send soon 🌈
A few friends who in silence took great pressure off as our angels are Karunasri Kothwal-Satish , Sudha Rani– Vamsi, Geeta -Praveen, Mukund, Indraneel, Sankha da, Achala Sharma 👼👼👼

Loads of hugs and love to all of you for enjoying your Navratri Evening with us at Community Concord Navratri Dhamal 2017 which was part of our marketing campaigns for ‘Ryze’ project awareness as a knowledge/skills hub 🎉🎉🎉

One big heartfelt thank you to one more individual who was the brains behind the Raffle fun and also the planning of event is in the signature of this thank you note 🤓

Deepa & Srinath 💐
Community Concord

Happy Navratri 🌟😊

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