Ryze Share Fair- Women’s Day


For the Mother’s Day, Women’s day and the Easter Bank Holiday we have Ryze Share Fair ‘Recommendations Magic’

We added some interesting categories so that it helps you to feel healthy mentally and physically with inspirational 🌟books, 🌟movies and 🌟makeup to enhance your natural beauty. And also to get some great 🌟Travel itineraries recommendations to plan your Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

These recommendations can be really handy, so participate to share recommendations of your favourite Books, Movies, Makeup or Trips And take home wonderful inspirations from others which might just be right for you!

Everyone has to recommend minimum 3 items and It can be from same category or a combination. This is all online on Whtsapp on 4th & 5th March.

💕Tips to create you Recommendation Video:
1. Name of the Item
2. What is it you love the most about it
3. Tell us about Quality, Quantity, Features, Options that item can offer.
It can be a 2min video.

Cheers to all participants to express themselves and share their knowledge with each other 🙌🙌


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