Scavenger Hunt by Srinath

We wish to bring in the community games culture so that you are more open to the energy life has to offer you 🤗

First attempt is Scavenger Hunt a creative way of running around Barking with teams 😬

Encourage this initiative and participate to simply have fun on Saturday afternoon 🎉


The Great Scavenger Hunt by Ryze Provider SRINATH

This is our Community Games initiative and also on occasion of website launch this game was your opportunity to use the welcome bonus tickets 🙂

Enjoy the pictures of both teams competing each other by taking different creative challenge around Barking 😉


Can you guess which team wins??? Yes its the girls who made it with great potential to climb up the tree, run around the park and what it could be giving energy to girls then some awesome pictures… Congratulations girls team..…

Community Concord

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