The Hackathon Cohesion

First time in UK : Community cohesion Hackathon in London’s Barking & Dagenham borough 🎉

Thanks to B&D council, Digilab for organising such the 24hours challenge in the borough!

We all were very well taken care with good & drinks to keep up our energies by the organizers and great mentoring through out the process to be on track to achieve the objective of Community Cohesion

Yuppy the team which had few of us from the Community Concord had won the challenge 🎉

Key Problem definition : ‘Barking & Dagenham is a very diverse borough and for cohesion it’s important we have COMMUNITIES COMMUNICATION

Problem Statement we identified was:
‘How might we get people talking amongst neighbours on the street’

The idea we proposed :
‘Speaking seats’ to trigger conversations in community

We made the prototype, we tested in market and we presented the idea to panel of judges who then announced us as the WINNERS of the 24 hours challenge 🙌🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Winning team members:
Rahat Ismail
Deepa Srinath
Swati Toshniwal

The other team ideas were coincidentally same as Ryze 😱😍 to upskill the neighbour (Im my Neighbourhood) and the young generation (Library of People)

About the Community Cohesion Hackathon

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