The Ropeworks Open Lunch


You gonna be part of the Ropeworks Open Lunch watching the lovely dance divas 😉 from Community Concord performing.

Event timing is 1pm-4pm

Dance performance between 2:45-3pm

Don’t miss to cheer us and enjoy the magic of Art & Culture by CC members

Ropeworks corridor decorated to celebrate Potluck Big Lunch together. Come you all are welcome to watch us dance like no one is watching.

Super and awesome thanks to all the dance divas for practicing in the short notice with such a wonderful passion to dance! You are rocked the floor 💃🏻

And many thanks every one who came to cheer us. You have made it soo cheerful and joyous for us.

Thanks to our teachers Nalini Bojja and Santhoshi Boosara for all your support in selecting songs, composing video, being there to refine it, mixing songs and the comments & feedbacks late nights🙏

And heartfelt cheers to Prerna, Pallavee, Priya, Sushma, Priyanka for bonding so well with each other and practicing with dedication and making sure the show should be given our best with lovely costumes, suggestions for dance moves, encourage each other and have fun! 😘

Thanks Disha Doshi Patel & Vishal to ever be ready to help with music as always!

Thanks Srinath for super nice capture of this full video & pictures.

And many thanks Vamsi garu for referring us to the event of Ropeworks Big Lunch. Cheers to the organiser Katrina for having us at the event. She is a very lovely lady and glad she lives in Ropeworks amongst us.

it all actually went as planned and even more nicer than we thought when the energy was so infectious to have audience get involved so well 😇 thank you all 🙌😊

If you missed to watch and cheer us recently then here is our next performance @ Dagfest 2018 as part of Summer of Festivals Barking & Dagenham organised by Creative B&D


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